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Van Randall Marketing Studio was founded in 2009, but don't let the recent date fool you. We are marketing, advertising and technical professionals with over 30 years combined experience! Our members have worked internationally and have completed campaigns for such familiar clients as Unilever, Texas Instruments, Coca-Cola, The Room Store, Domino's Pizza and more.

VAN - Van got her first gig in an international ad agency straight out of college. She started out as a Junior Account Executive and made her way up as the Account Director of Lowe Worldwide. Having conquered the world of advertising, Van has now moved into a new domain as CEO of Van Randall Marketing Studio.

Van now brings her 16 years of experience working with world class companies to help you and your business succeed in todays tough economy.

RANDALL - When Randall was in elementary school he would design & write his own comic books and sell them to his classmates for 15¢ a piece. We won't go through his whole life story here, but that same creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well today in the form of Van Randall Marketing Studio!

Somewhat more recent...
Randall has nearly 20 years corporate experience in I/T, Workflow & Project Management, Print Design & Web Developement. Armed with this fantastic knowledge base, Randall, along with his co-founder Van, launched Van Randall Marketing Studio. Their commitment is to create web and print strategies that will help their clients build relationships with their customers, expand their respective customer bases, and increase transactions with their customers.

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